GSD Software® schützt Ihre Daten

Data privacy with GSD

Data Privacy is important to us. This applies to handling your data as well as to supporting our customers. Therefore, our company as well as our products offer you excellent assistance in fulfilling your data protection requirements.

Your advantages with GSD

  • Enhanced security in dealing with customer and employee data
  • Minimal effort to meet legal requirements
  • Being accompanied in all data protection issues by GSD as a competent contact partner

GSD protects your data
All GSD employees act responsibly when handling your data. Our company is certified according to §11 German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) “Commissioned processing or use of personal data”. Furthermore, we develop your GSD solutions in Germany. We also host the web applications provided to you in Germany. This is a quality feature ensuring security in the daily operation of your GSD applications.

The GSD solution DOCUframe as a useful tool for dealing with sensitive data.
You are primarily familiar with DOCUframe as the GSD solution for continuous process optimisation, Document management, CRM, Communication, Inventory management and Mobile coporate management. In all these areas, however, it is imperative to handle a lot of sensitive data responsibly. When it comes to CRM and the transport and use of data with mobile devices, the daily use of customer or employee data should be considered particularly critical. This results in a lot of responsibility on your side when handling this information. To fulfil this responsibility, DOCUframe provides excellent possibilities for meeting the data protection requirements.

How to protect your data with DOCUframe:
GSD DOCUframe provides appropriate tools to support you on all requirement levels of data protection: Features such as staff time logging, a role concept and the ability to restrict metadata searches support admission, entry or access control. Possible data transfer is supported by an integrated system that renders data exchange with external sources obsolete by implementing the GSD products DOCUframe and ERPframe. The compliance with the legal guidelines for contract data processing meets the requirements of the order control; the use of online backups supports the availability control, and the so-called separation rule is ensured by the possibility of separation of the test system and the production system.