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 "Document Business Transactions comprehensively ...
                                             ... and always keep track of it!"


Financial and cost accounting as well as performance measurement with FIBUframe

FIBUframe is an exceptionally developed financial accounting package for enterprises of any size. With FIBUframe, we put a system at your disposal with which you can record your business transactions systematically, chronologically and continuously.

As a basic function, FIBUframe handles day to day record-keeping, as required by trade and tax law, up to the preparation of annual accounts according to GoB and GoBS principles.

Extensive costing, performance measurement, and budgeting functions make the system the nerve centre for controlling, managing and running your business.

In cooperation with our statistics and analysis system, DATAframe, you can create extensive analyses of your enterprise’s key figures. You can, thereby, promptly detect trends in your enterprise’s development and can monitor them directly.

That combined with the functions for accounts receivable and accounts payable processing and the fully developed, automated payments system, makes FIBUframe a well-rounded software package for enterprises of any shape and size.