Quickly identifying
              complex interrelations ... 

              ... and deducing the right decisions

Representation and Distribution

Visualization: Tables for clear illustration of data
All prepared data can be clearly displayed in the form of charts. Therefore, you can choose between different ways to represent data evaluations in order to obtain the most meaningful information for your business. Simply convert tables into graphical charts. There are several chart types available, including choice of colour, font or emphasis.

Via interfaces, generated reports can be exported to e.g. Excel and further processed there. Benefit from the option to send reports directly to the recipient. Thus, you can save resources and increase the efficiency of your reporting processes. The summarized reports can be generated and sent out at specified dates or within defined intervals. Here, the automated workflow management from the GSD Solution portfolio provides support.

Distribution options:

  • Export to Excel, HTML and PDF for further data processing
  • Seamless connection to the GSD CRM and DMS systems