Inventory management
and production support...

               ...according to very specific requirements!

Customer service management: Efficient order and service management supporting customer service

The requirements for processing orders in customer service are more complex than becomes apparent for outsiders at first glance. For optimal planning in terms of speed and capacity, it is important to take into account the respective customers, the associated devices, the routes and prospective follow-up appointments. The variety of interrelated elements requires a high degree of integration of the software solution used in the company.

Planning and tracking field services with the integrated GSD Solution

Your daily service calls and all associated tasks are clearly displayed for each employee and consistently processed in a single system. Orders and regular service operations by the customer service technicians can be individually planned, including journey times. Executed orders are reported back from the mechanics through mobile devices and are immediately available for further processing.

Device management, tour planning, follow-up appointments and many more…
Using integrated device management, the customer addresses can be directly assigned to the device in question. Route planning is done with a tour -planning tool that includes maps. In addition to the main appointment for customer service, any number of follow-up appointments can be scheduled and planned.

Customer service management - Highlights:

  • job scheduling for customer service
  • regular service
  • devices history records with serial number / warranty processing
  • management and billing of follow-up appointments
  • graphic planning and illustration of the appointments
  • route planning with journey times
  • confirmation of finished service calls for further processing