Accelerating processes
  and reducing costs ...

     ... with the integrated ECM solution by GSD

Enterprise content management:
Consistently optimising processes

The increasing number and heterogeneity of the objects to be managed in a company such as documents, processes or addresses present new challenges and at the same time tap high potential for optimising business processes. By using a system for managing enterprise content management (ECM), you will succeed in designing internal and cross-company processes in a simpler and more targeted way, optimally taking into account all digital objects to be managed.

Subareas of enterprise content management
From GSD's point of view, document management, archiving and invoice receipt workflow constitute the central subareas of an integrated ECM solution:

Your benefits:

  • faster processes
  • shorter response times
  • more transparent processes
  • legally watertight archiving
  • reduced costs


A definition of enterprise content management (ECM)
Enterprise content management, short ECM, is often used as a synonym for document management. From our point of view, this is only partly correct, as ECM does not "only" focus on managing documents. In addition to managing a company's documents, it specifies how to handle all the other content objects; so apart from all documents in the narrow sense, this refers to e.g. addresses, tasks or projects. And this applies for the entire life cycle of the content object in question.

The sophisticated functionality of the GSD ECM Software helps you to operate with legal compliance, optimise work processes and keep track of things!