Conditions of participation
for GSD training courses

Conditions of Participation for Training Courses:

Your application should be received in writing by us 20 days, at the latest, before the training course begins. You can also register by e-mail. By submitting an application, you are acknowledging and accepting our conditions of participation. A written application to a GSD Software training course is considered as a contract and is thus binding.
If your application should be received late, due to the limited number of participants per course, we may not be able to consider you for the requested date and must refer you to a later course date. A new application must be submitted for this later course date, however, it is then preferentially treated.

Invoices are issued by us on an immediate net payment basis. Participation in the training course is dependent on written acknowledgement by GSD Software mbH and complete payment of the participation fee. Outstanding payments are charged with interest at an interest rate of 8 per cent (8%) per annum according to the applicable base rate of the European central bank.
The participation fee is listed in the respective training course description. All prices are excluding the valid value added tax.
The prices for courses and seminars include the necessary training course documents, which you receive at the beginning of the training, as well as the use of the technical equipment and systems in the training centre. Breaktime snacks, lunch and daily beverages are included in the participation fee. All further costs incurred in connection with participation in a training course such as travel, additional food, and overnight expenses, are carried by the participant. Any temporary participation in seminar meetings does not qualify for the reduction of seminar price.

With simultaneous reservation of four or more training courses for one participant, a bonus is granted of 15%, starting from the first training. The bonus is taken into account on the fourth and subsequent training courses.

Cancellation of Training Courses
Cancellations must be submitted to us in writing. Depending upon the receipt date of the cancellation, the following fees are charged:

- up to 2 weeks before the beginning of course: 30% of the course fee

- within 2 weeks of the beginning of course: 80% of the course fee

With a no-show of a registered participant, the course fees become due in full. This does not apply if a replacement participant is sent for this date. In this case, GSD Software mbH asks for good notice of the change.

If a course is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, the lack of a trainer, or because of too few registered participants, no requirement on fulfilment of this course meeting exists. Registered participants are informed in writing of the cancellation. Costs (e.g., travel expenses) that the customer accrued because of the cancellation are not the responsibility of GSD Software mbH. However, we will immediately offer two alternative dates to you. It is up to the participant to accept this date or withdraw from the contract.

Training Course Contents
This training programme describes training course contents at the time of printing. We reserve the right to modify training course contents and dates without previous notice.

All rights, including the translation, the reproduction and the duplication of the training course documents or any sections thereof, are reserved by us, if no other indication is given. No part of the course or seminar documents may be modified, nor duplicated, nor distributed without written permission of GSD Software mbH or the appropriate manufacturer in any manner (photocopy, microfilm or other method), not even for the purpose of your own instructional programme, in particular with the use of electronic systems, nor used for public playback. The software used during the training may neither be taken away nor be copied completely or partly, changed or deleted. With offences, we reserve the right to demand compensation. Ordering training course materials without participation in a training course is not permitted.

Training Course Location and Time
All training courses take place, unless an alternative is agreed upon, in the classrooms of GSD Software mbH in Stockheim, Neukenroth. The training courses begin at 09:00 and end at 17:00. When desired, and upon enquiry, training courses can also be held with you at your location. We would be glad to inform you of these prices.

The hotel reservation is to be made directly by the participant in GSD Software mbH's own training centre hotel. The hotel costs are charged to the participant.

Participation Acknowledgement
At the completion of the training, participants receive a certificate that acknowledges their participation in the training course.

Rules of Conduct
Please do not smoke and make sure you switch off your mobile telephone in the classrooms. We will gladly pass on messages to you during the break times.

Other Regulations
All modifications, supplements and deletions to the general training conditions must be in writing to make them valid. The jurisdiction for all disputes from or in the connection with the commission of a course or seminar from GSD Software mbH is held by Kronach in Upper Franconia.

Final Clauses
If particulars of the aforementioned conditions should be or become ineffective or are incomplete, then the legal force of the remaining conditions is unchanged. The Contracting Parties are to replace the ineffective or incomplete regulation by an appropriate regulation, which most corresponds to the business purpose of the intended condition.