Inventory management
and production support...

               ...according to very specific requirements!

Purchase and procurement

Today, professional purchasing involves a lot more than just the operational purchasing transaction. Supplier management, order monitoring and auditing will help you optimise your processes and improve efficiency of your purchasing operations.

Purchasing with integrated ordering system
Benefit from the possibility of supplier blanket orders in purchasing. Your order processes are initiated either by warehouse management (minimum stock-related), by orders (order-related) and / or by production (production-related). When entering order proposals, the purchase price amounts, currencies, delivery dates, document header data, and differing delivery addresses can be freely defined and lodged. You will receive an overview of all open and partially delivered orders at the push of a button and in case of exceeded deadlines, your suppliers will be automatically notified.

Purchasing and procurement features:

  • Supplier blanket orders
  • Order quantity determination
  • Order processing
  • Order monitoring
  • Supplier management
  • External production
  • Auditing


Supplier management
With the GSD inventory management solution, you are able to send order requests to multiple suppliers, i.e. you can invite several quotes for each planned order. In addition, there is an option to further optimise your purchasing processes by using a system for supplier evaluation.
More information about the module Supplier evaluation

External production / extended workbench
Pass on work to suppliers for foreign manufacturing, in the event that your company does not have the required resources. To set up this extended workbench, start with entering suppliers suitable for foreign production. Lodge the prices for the services of each supplier. Again, you have the option to work with purchase price calculations.

The auditing procedure can cover everything, starting from receiving an invoice, to the digital signature and invoice release if necessary, up to the payment. The auditing process is facilitated by a workflow system for (semi-) automated testing, release and distribution of incoming invoices that runs in the background.